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We help good businesses become good brands.

Simple has been consistently recognised —locally, nationally and internationally as South Australia’s #1 brand agency.

Telling stories through symbols

  • Brand identity

    At Simple, we understand that a strong logo and wider brand identity form the foundation of how an organisation, product or place is perceived by its audience. With every branding project, we make it our mission to intimately understand you, your product, place or business, how you want your audience to feel, and formulate ways to communicate that visually.

  • Your organisation's personality

    If a logo is your organisation’s face, a brand identity is its personality — its mannerisms, dress sense, handwriting, turns of phrase, the way it walks, and how it takes its coffee—the culmination of consistent, coherent traits that communicate to the world who you are and what you’re all about.

  • Naming

    There are many approaches to naming a business. Your name can relate to your service offering explicitly, only abstractly; or perhaps, not at all. Some hugely successful businesses have foreign or entirely invented words as names, while some are as straightforward as a surname — like the famous hardware chain founded by Arthur and Robert Bunning. Whatever the approach, Simple can help you choose a business name that’s right for you.

  • Brand evolution

    Due to changes in your taste, lifestyle and perhaps even size — you likely aren’t wearing the same outfit as twenty years ago. Similarly, as businesses grow and change, they must adapt their brand identities to better reflect themselves and their marketplace. A rebrand, or brand evolution, aims to modernise outdated elements within a brand identity, while retaining its existing recognition value. If you have an existing brand identity that’s in need of a makeover, we’re here to help.

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Simple has been consistently recognised —locally, nationally and internationally as South Australia’s #1 brand agency.

Led by Creative Director, Pat Parisi, we hold a reputation as brand specialists. We’re experienced developing new brands, as well as strategically refreshing and repositioning long established ones — from the State Theatre Company’s to Rundle Mall’s.

We are known for brave ideas and bold design. We develop strategic branding for our clients, to give them a competitive edge.

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  • Founded 2007

  • 30+ people

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