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SA Dental

We were tasked with delivering a brand identity that would position SA Dental as the market leader, appealing to parents and children alike and combating negative public perceptions of government-run services.

  • In this case study
  • Brand Identity
  • 3D + Motion
  • Film + Photography
  • Advertising
  • Print

A platform to build upon the reputation its built over the last 50 years.

Supported by a flexible colour palette —including an off-white ‘Bone’ to help break unrealistic expectations of bright white teeth— the brand can easily adapt to highly-corporate applications and cut through the noise in an already saturated market.

Max Molar, the Plaque Patroller

An energetic 3D character, Max Molar the Plaque Patroller, acts as the centrepiece of the brand and an engaging spokesperson to help people of all ages remember oral health best practices by-way-of a series of fun and memorable tag lines.