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Adelaide Festival Centre

Opened in 1973 —three months before the Sydney Opera House— the Adelaide Festival Centre was Australia's first multi-purpose arts centre, and remains the home of performing arts in South Australia today. The centre welcomes more than a million people of all ages, experiences and cultures into its theatres each year.

Coinciding with Adelaide Festival Centre’s 50th Anniversary, we were tasked with refreshing its brand, website and delivering a campaign to celebrate this significant milestone.

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Making its mark.

Hailed as a major step forward in modern architecture at the time, the Adelaide Festival Centre forms a recognisable landmark on the city’s skyline. Taking the building’s iconic form, the brand mark is immediately recognisable as the Adelaide Festival Centre, while simplified enough to use across a full range of brand applications.

The show goes on-line.

We redeveloped the Adelaide Festival Centre’s website as part of a broader organisation-wide digital transformation, in parallel to a change in ticketing partner.

We worked closely with Adelaide Festival Centre’s digital stakeholders, along with other specialists such as Ticketek, to provide extensive digital strategy, user experience (UX) planning and prototyping of the website’s user journeys and purchase pathways — all with a focus on usability and accessibility.

We delivered the Adelaide Festival Centre’s flagship website, along with sub-sites for each of its festivals, including Oz Asia and the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Website Tall

Setting the stage.

To support the Adelaide Festival Centre’s touring productions, it was critical to develop a comprehensive and considered templating language. Our flexible design system, which again draws from the architectural form of the Centre itself, supports the many show-specific requirements and limitations that come from Adelaide Festival Centre’s touring productions.

The design system also provides a powerful templating language for all major brand touchpoints, both from extensive digital signage at the Centre through to the range of publications it produces each season.

Celebrating 50 Years.

To celebrate the Adelaide Festival Centre’s 50th Anniversary, we developed a ’50 Year’ brand asset, which can be locked up with the core logo and used standalone, to celebrate and drive awareness of this significant milestone.