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Wellbeing SA

A walk can work wonders.

We were engaged by Wellbeing SA to deliver the foundation of a multi-year physical activity communications campaign to be in-market from late 2021 to 2025.

The campaign aims to increase awareness regarding the benefits of physical activity, encourage South Australians to be more physically active and create a positive state-wide culture around physical activity.

Walking was identified as the campaign’s focus, as it’s the most accessible mode of physical activity.

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Taking the first step.

There’s strong awareness of the “10,000 Steps” physical activity program, and a generally understood consensus that 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week is required to see results. However, research showed these benchmarks were intimidating to as many as 70% of South Australians, and led to the unintended consequence of scaring people away from trying. In reality, every step counts — one is better than none.

Following the "five-minute rule" cognitive-behavioural technique that used to help overcome procrastination, we encourage South Australians to start with ten minutes, which research showed was a much more achievable objective. Providing this new information that ten minutes of activity counts is motivating, and helps challenge the common barrier of being time poor.

Every step counts.

An important aspect of the campaign involved redefining walking to overcome the common excuse of being time poor. Walking isn't always about active wear and exercise: it can be walking while talking on the phone, or a young mother taking a baby around the block in a pram. This task-coupling demonstrated ways to incorporate more steps into each day.