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Wallace Vroulis Bond

Wallace Vroulis Bond is a boutique accounting firm based in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. Established in 2013, the firm provides personalised taxation, accounting and business advisory services to high net worth clients and aspiring young professionals.

Founded by three partners with significant industry experience, we were tasked with developing a brand identity to provide a sense of age and history in line with the partner’s experience, despite the infancy of the firm itself.

With this in mind, we followed the conservative industry convention common to many of the firm’s older peers, and leveraged the partners’ already established surnames, Wallace, Vroulis and Bond, to form an elegant wordmark, and straightforward initialism — “WVB”.

Like a nickname, the firm’s full name and initialism can be substituted in different contexts, depending on the level of formality required.

Similarly, the brand identity’s overarching design style is based on a conservative foundation of minimalism, including a black and white colour palette. From this foundation however, we’ve delivered a range of exciting marketing materials – including a comprehensive stationery set, website and signage system – that appeal across broad demographics, reflecting WVB’s clients.