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Touch West

Set in its idyllic coastal location, WEST is one of South Australia’s largest ever residential developments.

With an estimated $1 billion expenditure over the next ten years, WEST will become home to over 1,300 new detached homes, terraces and apartments; and several commercial and recreational works of proportional scale.

Turning and old favourite into a new one.

The project is driven by Commercial & General, one of Australia’s most respected and fastest growing real estate developers. And adding an extra level of local intrigue, it is repurposing the sacred ground of Adelaide's Football Park precinct.

Taking over WEST’s marketing and design as it entered its second stage —the imminent availability of display homes— Simple was tasked with shifting focus from the abstract lifestyle and emotional messaging of the development’s first stage, to the more concrete matter of bringing people to the site.

Visually complementing and expanding upon its existing marketing output, the resultant "Touch WEST” campaign was built around the theme of sensation. By focussing on the human senses, it communicated that the once conceptual development was now a real tangible place that could be seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched.

This campaign was implemented across billboards, digital media, and several TV commercials which utilised an extensive library of video and photography produced in-house by Simple; our team also facilitating the sourcing of voice and modelling talent.

A key component of the campaign, we developed a series of patterns which visually communicated the five senses, pairing each with evocative photography and copywriting with accentuated the sensory experience of WEST.

Since opening their doors to the public, WEST’s display homes have seen a strong influx of visitors, and the development is steadily progressing towards its stated goal of becoming South Australia’s new benchmark for master-planned communities.