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The Style Capsule

The Style Capsule is an online fashion boutique that provides not only an expertly curated range of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories; but also offers a number of speciality services.

Same day hand-delivery and face-to-face consultations with a personal stylist set The Style Capsule apart from their competitors.

In branding, as in fashion, there are many design trends that become popular, but only fleetingly, or selectively.

Then there are others — such as simplicity, elegance and functionality — which tend to have a more timeless, unwavering appeal. Given the broad age range of our client’s target audience, when we were engaged to design a new brand identity for the boutique, we set out to create something with these timeless principles in mind.

The Style Capsule logo utilises typography in an understated but memorable interlocking configuration, which at once alludes to the shape of an opened capsule, an S letterform, and a C. This unique configuration also provides some welcome visual interest and point of difference for an otherwise familiar logotype — helping to strike a balance between classical and innovative. The curvature of the logo informs the design style of the larger brand identity. The repeated use of arced typography, the images being framed (or encapsulated) within other images, and the textile-inspired brand pattern all draw their inspiration from this interlocking shape concept.

For a premium fashion brand, The Style Capsule’s website is suitably bespoke. Developed from scratch to meet the client's exact specifications, it includes custom ecommerce functionality to ensure the website is a highly effective and versatile sales tool. These include an online store that offers filtering by designer, category, colour and size; VIP memberships and discounts; email marketing; and an “Instashop" that allows users to browse The Style Capsule’s Instagram feed and directly purchase products featured therein.

The brand’s ivy-green and rose-gold colour palette permeates the entirety of The Style Capsule’s visual presence — including beautifully foiled and gilded stationery. This coherency in shape and colour helps to ensure that the business's various marketing and design touchpoints are recognisable and feel particular to The Style Capsule — setting the brand apart from its competitors, and forming a deeper, longer-lasting impact on its audience.

As part of the checkout process, customers within the Adelaide metro area are afforded the option of selecting same-day hand-delivery. Additionally, VIP members can book an appointment with a stylist, selecting their fashion preferences and any preferred garments through a custom form. These features set the website apart from competitors as a more personal, customer-focused online boutique.