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SMSF Association Beyond

The SMSF Association’s national conference is the largest event on the self managed super fund industry's calendar.

It is unmatched not only as a source of professional development — with 60 highly informed speakers presenting 40 sessions over the course of 3 days — but also as an opportunity for industry professionals to network with like minded peers.

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A window to beyond our known world.

We were engaged to develop a brand identity and event theme for the 2018 national conference, held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre. Titled “Beyond”, the brand identity sought to reflect the event’s focus on knowledge sharing, and preparing attendees for the industry’s future.

A strong connection between the event and the organisation.

We developed a window-like logo that suggests the possibility of seeing or stepping beyond our known world. It is designed to build a sense of excitement and wonder, while appealing to a professional, conservative audience. Its distinctive shape is taken directly from the SMSF Association’s own logo, providing a strong connection between the event and the organisation.

We worked closely with the SMSF Association to drive attendance for the event, translating the “Beyond” theme to a teaser video, and a broad range of digital marketing and traditional advertising activities.

The “Beyond” brand identity was applied to a range of touch points at the event itself, including extensive feature and way-finding signage throughout Sydney’s International Convention Centre, a 90-second conference welcome video, the official program, presentation templates utilised by all speakers, as well as lanyards and various promotional items for attendees.

In the lead up to the event, we captured the conference's striking aerial photography from a charter flight over central Australia. The stark landscape imagery brings an otherworldly perspective to the brand identity, contrasting the familiar urban surroundings of the event and befitting the conference’s “Beyond” theme.