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Spectrum Data Systems International (SDSI) provides digital resources for over 3,000 police, fire and ambulance departments across 14 different countries

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Better reflecting the state of their product.

While SDSI vigilantly updates its range of software products to keep ahead of constant changes in technology and local conditions, its branding and own website were in great need of similar rejuvenation. We were engaged to reimagine SDSI's entire visual presentation, across multiple marketing platforms, to better reflect the organisation's modern, powerful and sophisticated software solutions.

A system inspired by city lights.

SDSI’s brand identity incorporates custom typography that communicates the digital, technical nature of the organisation's service offering, and its role in assisting those who watch over the public. It’s precisely gridded dots are inspired by a city lights, as seen from above — visually alluding to the ‘birds eye view’ provided to emergency service dispatchers by SDSI’s software.

A palette inspired by the blurred lights of emergency services.

This same dotted style has been implemented across a range of marketing touchpoints — from photographic treatments, laser-cut stationery, and a custom iconography suite — that work in tandem to create an unmistakable sense of cohesion and memorability.

The purple colour palette was strategically chosen for feeling distinctly ‘technological’ while also representing the blended blue and red lights of an emergency signal.

With its new website, stationery, signage, uniforms and assorted printed materials, SDSI’s entire marketing output is now a better reflection of its service offering and market position, realigning audience expectations with the reality of the organisation's incredibly high-end, high-tech product, and communicating a much needed sense of authority and reliability in this industry sector where lives are literally at stake.