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Salt Apartments

Salt Apartments is a coastal apartment development set in WEST — one of South Australia’s largest ever master-planned communities.

We were engaged to deliver Salt’s brand identity, photography, microsite, signage, print media, social media and digital marketing assets, full stationery suite and copywriting; including Salt’s playful tagline 'Pinch Yourself’, which neatly marries the complex’s name to the lifestyle it affords at a surprisingly low price point.

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A tastefully trendy identity for a younger, savvier audience.

As one of WEST’s more affordable offerings, we were engaged to provide Salt Apartments with a tastefully trendy brand identity and implementation skewed to a young, savvy target audience.

Drawing from the same source as Salt's name, we developed a simple, elegant design style inspired by the lightness and clarity of a beach. Salt’s scattered typographical wordmark elegantly communicates the feeling of sand floating in the breeze, or trails of footsteps in the sand. It also acts to draw the eye back and forth as if tracing the shape of a letter-S, lending itself to scattered layouts across marketing touch points wherein each of the name's letter intuitively draw the audience from section to section.

Expanding on this theme, the brand's yellow and grey colour palette captures the subtle tonal differences of sand. And its recurring background gradient, in its softness, creates a sense of distance that evokes the horizon.