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Complete Women's Health

We were engaged by the group to develop its foundational marketing touchpoints — including a name, brand identity, overarching design style, stationery and printed collateral, photography, website, and a range of advertising materials to support its launch.

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An immediate sense of age and authority.

The simplicity and generality of the name "O&G" provides an immediate sense of age and authority, while its feminine, fashionable design style helps to engage its target audience while setting the practice apart from its public and private competitors.

In its simplicity and generality, the name “O&G" helps to create the impression of greater longevity, building trust in an industry where it is especially important; and the additional positioning statement “Complete Women’s Health” serves to make their service offering more explicit when necessary.

Clean, but not sterile. Reliable, but not stiff.

This same understated approach is evident in the practice’s classic, typographic brand identity. Communicating the old-world sophistication and professionalism one might expect of a law practice or financial institution, it builds a level of expectation that holds true to the high-end practice’s premises, fitout and conduct.

O&G’s design style, evident across its website, stationery and ensuing marketing touchpoints was formulated to achieve several interconnected aims. It needed to appear distinctly clean, but not sterile; reliable, but not stiff; and thoroughly modern, yet inclusive of all age groups.

The resulting design style holds these qualities in balance, fusing together typically medical industry design traits, with those more commonplace within the fashion industry. Its distinct colour palette creates a calming, feminine personality befitting the practice, and its recurring 50:50 layout evokes the feeling of magazine spread, also playing to the symmetry of their name.

This unexpectedly fashionable design style helps to set “O&G” apart from public and private competitors within women’s health, helping them along their way to becoming leaders within this space.