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Maxton Insurance Brokers

Maxton Insurance Brokers works tirelessly to provide thousands of Australians with the highest level of protection for themselves, their business and the things they hold dear.

We distilled the intangible product of insurance down to the simple concept of protection and developed a brand identity inspired by a turtle’s shell – one of nature’s greatest forms of protection.

In an initial workshop with Maxton’s director, Max, the conversation turned to the question of: “What do people hold most important?”.

Max answered by sharing an eccentric collection of assorted rarities; toys and bric-a-brac items he had collected over the course of his life.

One of these items—both his personal favourite and the item that started his collection—was a wood-carved turtle shell. This struck a chord: the turtle’s shell is one of nature’s greatest forms of protection, and an elegant metaphor for the very service provided by the firm.

This off-topic conversation at the project’s briefing stage inspired the project’s final outcome, and resulted in a brand identity that’s not only an effective visual metaphor for insurance, but also one that holds a close personal connection to the firm’s founder.

Coupled with the “Protect What’s Important” tagline to reinforce its key messaging, the brand identity has been implemented in creatively protective ways, including on padded envelopes for client documentation, and umbrellas for client gifts.

To balance the irreverence of using a turtle shell for the brand identity, we were intentional in implementing a highly stylised, sophisticated design style. This was continued from the brand identity and the accompanying photography, through to the firm’s stationery, website and all other marketing touch points.