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Giordano is a leading private certifier and award-winning architectural firm established in 1981 as a family-run business. We were engaged to revise its brand identity, and sought to strike a balance between communicating the firm’s talent for modern, cutting-edge architectural design, and its extensive history and reputation as a leading private certifier. Our solution — inspired by a certifier’s stamp — clearly represents one of Giordano’s key service offerings and evokes the firm's heritage, while at the same time serving as an overarching mark of quality.

Giordano has been responsible for the certification of more than 20,000 residential dwellings, and in its architectural capacity, has been involved in the design and construction of a variety of significant projects across the residential, industrial, education, health, and commercial sectors.

Extending upon the stamp-inspired logo at the core of the brand identity, we designed a series of actual certification stamps based around common steps of approval, such as “Building Rules Consent Granted”. In this way, the stamp-inspired brand comes to life as an actual stamp and appears in authentic ink form across client-facing plans and other key collateral.

In order to balance these distinct, but equally vital services, we began the design process for Giordano’s website with careful user-experience planning. As a result, the website makes use of a split design style, where each half corresponds to one of Giordano's two core services, and directs visitors accordingly. Across every page of the website — including the homepage, staff profiles, and case studies — the design makes considered use of negative space and dynamic shifts in size and spatial relation, which pushes the boundaries of website design, and draws inspiration from Giordano’s own architectural style.