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Chemist King

Chemist King

Chemist King is a fast growing pharmacy franchise. We've worked closely with the group since the launch of its pilot store to develop and manage its brand identity and broad marketing requirements across a growing number of stores.

As part of a larger pharmacy group, the brand strategy behind Chemist King was developed in response to competitive threats posed by the market entry of discount model pharmacies. Many pharmacy brands responded by trying to retain a high level full service offering while at the same time discounting prescriptions, resulting in confused brand propositions.

The Chemist King brand strategy saw the development of a dedicated brand identity with a clear brand proposition focused not on being “cheap and nasty”, but instead on being “cheap, not nasty”. This was implemented into a bold brand identity and design style and carried through to a format of store that’s large, bright and easily accessible.

The Chemist King brand identity and its extension to signage systems and other consumer touch points consistently communicate bold, no-frills messages around discounts, but do so in a highly considered, friendly and approachable way.

Organisational brand architecture was highly considered as part of the overarching strategy as the group owns other pharmacy brands, many of which compete within close geographic areas. As a result it was imperative to maintain a clear brand proposition for the multi-brand approach to be effective. Extensive brand identity documentation was developed to assist the organisation’s internal marketing team govern the day to day use of the brand identity.

The strategy has so far proven successful with the fast growth of the organisation from a pilot store to more than a dozen.