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Capital Securities Australia

Capital Securities Australia (CSA) is a boutique private lender that provides large, fast, short-term loans to Australian businesses.

We were engaged to refresh the business' brand identity and marketing touchpoints, including its photography, website and print collateral.

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Preventing business collapse.

Operating outside of the traditional loan market allows CSA to streamline its application process, making it the first choice of many large-scale businesses who require commercial or investment funding, or who have encountered a sudden financial obstacle.

In refreshing the lender’s brand identity, we took inspiration from the concept of pillars, deconstructing them to their most essential components. These represent the function CSA serves in propping up businesses with added cash flow, and in some cases, literally preventing their collapse.

A brand befitting of the service offerring.

Further, these pillars, so commonplace in the institutions which are themselves pillars of our society —banks, universities, museums, galleries, churches — lend CSA these same feelings of strength, importance, reliability and tradition.

We were also engaged to deliver CSA’s corporate photography, website and print collateral. These projects were informed by the same sophisticated style of the brand identity, befitting CSA's service offering and highly discerning client base.