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Australian Grain Technologies

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is Australia’s largest plant breeding organisation.

Majority owned by the South Australian Government and the University of Adelaide, it manages four significant wheat breeding operations across Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia.

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From 100,000, to a handful.

AGT has more than a century of experience in plant breeding and the development of commercial grain varieties. Through breeding, the organisation develops grain varieties for Australian farmers that are genetically stronger in terms of growth speed and resistance to drought and disease relative to those already on the market.

This scientific process involves careful crossbreeding, involving over 100,000 genetically distinct varieties annually. This large genetic base is then subject to rigorous testing and analysis, with only the strongest and most economically viable lines progressing through the program. It is through this intensive process of considered selection that AGT unearths varieties that make a significant positive impact on the profitability, sustainability and prosperity of Australia’s grain industry.

AGT’s refreshed brand identity takes the form of a single seed comprised of many smaller seeds, reflecting the breeding process that culminates in each of AGT’s highly successful varieties. The brand identity delivers a look that balances its science and agricultural backgrounds, and aims to resonate with Australian farmers.

The project involved extensive implementation of the brand identity across major market-facing touch points, including the organisation’s’ website and print materials, right through to uniforms and promotional items.

A custom-built website, fit for use.

AGT's website provides the organisation with a robust platform from which to communicate with its audience of agronomists, farmers, researchers, affiliates, and potential employees. The website houses detailed information about their 50+ seed varieties; contact information for 20+ AGT Affiliates; the AGT Seed Sharing initiative, as well as agronomic reports and news about research developments.

The latest updates from AGT's Twitter and Facebook profiles are also automatically published to the website, further promoting their key messaging. The website maintains a consistent style across all of these various content types, all of which can be edited by AGT's internal marketing team through an underlying content management system (CMS). For visitors looking for specific content, the website also features robust Google powered search functionality that also showcases the website’s most recent, and most-visited content.

The CMS used for this project has also been used as the foundation of a custom-developed, uniform ordering system for AGT's internal staff. This allows orders to be placed, tracked, and categorised by location through the website, which has streamlined this otherwise complex process for the organisation.