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ACH Group

The longer you live, the more interesting you become. The interests, habits and knowledge you’ve gathered over the years make you uniquely you. And yet, perhaps no one is stereotyped like older people.

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Out with the old.

As we get older we value our independence above all else, yet most campaigns for this demographic show older people in passive or submissive roles. But our age shouldn't define who we are, we should.

Our "Being Yourself Never Gets Old" brand awareness campaign for ACH Group challenges and seeks to change the narrative, and empower older people to proudly be themselves. Because that never gets old.

It's good to be you.

We turned the perception of ageing on its head, and celebrated the fact that with ACH Group, the client stays in control of their life, their likes and their destiny. 'Being yourself never gets old' was the manifestation of that idea, and became the platform from which the campaign would evolve.

Hitting the right note.

Nothing stirs our emotions quite like music, though the only way we were going to be able to sonically express the feeling of the campaign — was by crafting it ourselves. Our in-house team wrote the lyrics and composed the music before recording the "Being Yourself Never Gets Old" track, resulting in another unique and bespoke brand asset for ACH Group to use not just in this campaign, but also into the future.