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Packaging Design

Judging a book by its cover.

  • A First Impression

    As we are often required to buy products without first trying them, a consumer takes a small leap of faith whenever they purchase a new product for the first time. An effective packaging system helps to make this decision-making process easier, providing visual clues as to what your product is, and why it should be purchased over competing options.

  • The Reason Books Have Covers

    They say not to judge a book by its cover, but every day millions of consumers do just that — judging products they’ve never tried solely by their packaging. Just as a book’s cover helps readers to make an educated guess about its contents, without reading; a food product’s packaging can give clues about how it tastes, without tasting. For this reason, a high-quality cover may not improve a book’s story, but it will likely improve its chances of being read.

  • Stand out from the Crowd

    For customers who are already familiar with your product, effective packaging makes it quick and easy to identify your product in a busy retail or online environment. When many competing products are presented to consumers at the same time, an effective packaging system helps to ensure your product isn’t lost in the crowd, encouraging repeat business.

  • Paper or Plastic?

    Whether it’s a box, a bag, a jar, a case, paper, plastic, glass, ceramic —or whatever else you have in mind— Simple has a decade’s experience in designing product packaging tailored to our clients’ exact needs. We’ve seen first-hand how products of any kind can benefit from a strategically considered, artfully designed packaging system, and have the know-how and experience to deliver a high quality result that you and your customers will love.

  • With You Until the End

    When the design work is done and it’s time for the physical production of your beautiful new packaging, Simple is here to see the job through. We can work in collaboration with your current supplier, or use our network of partners and oversee production as an additional part of our service offering.