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Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital world.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing takes the principles of traditional advertising and harnesses the power of the internet to target audiences in a cost effective and measurable way. Digital marketing is a broad term, but generally involves putting yourself at the top of Google, in your potential customers’ Facebook feeds, or placing web banners in front of them during their daily browsing — whether that’s while reading their local news or while watching cat videos on YouTube.

  • Launch is Only the Beginning

    The launch of a website as a huge milestone. It’s an occasion that’s worth celebrating, like a birthday; but like the day you’re born, a website launch is really just the start of an even bigger story — and that’s where digital marketing comes in. We’re positioned to develop and implement a range of digital marketing initiatives centered around building and maintaining an audience for your website, and spreading your brand’s message to existing and potential customers.

  • Keep it Social

    Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever platform, a well-run social media presence can have a hugely beneficial impact on your business or organisation. Simple can help to set-up and/or manage your professional-looking profile, and plan and implement regular updates of compelling, relevant content; allowing you to reach thousands of new customers, and stay connected to the ones you already have. These posts can also be ‘boosted’ at a relatively low cost, allowing you to artificially inflate the number of users they reach, with a high degree of control over who the types of users they reach, and a relatively predictable outcome proportionate to your spend.

  • Google Certified

    With Google currently processing nearly two thirds of all online searches, their AdWords digital marketing platform is a powerful gateway to millions of potential customers. By selecting relevant keywords, Adwords allows you to target users who are already searching for the goods or services you offer. The platform also allows you to tightly control the times, places and conditions under which your advertisement will appear. While a general rule of thumb is that a campaign’s success is directly proportionate to its budget, a well-planned and maintained AdWords campaign can maximise the efficacy and lower the costs of any campaign.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Beyond web design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a science of its own, and one we’re well-versed in. There’s really no sense in having the world’s greatest website if no one’s gets to see it, and we have a proven methodology to ensure your website ranks competitively across a wide range of search engines — and many client examples to demonstrate this, including across some of search’s most competitive categories. As your website steps into the world, we’ll work collaboratively with you to formulate a strategy, defining the keywords you want to target, and optimising your your website’s content and structure to maximise search engine performance and get you website on as many screen as possible.

  • Email Marketing

    A modern, digital take on the tried and true practice of direct mail marketing — without the printing, email marketing offers the added bonus of being incredibly low-cost. Your email marketing campaign can be designed to match your website and overarching brand identity, and optimised to work responsively across a range of devices. As is the case with many forms of digital marketing, email marketing offers a high degree of accountability, providing live statistics about your campaigns success that can help you to refine future communications.

  • Don’t Know What to Say?

    If you’re interested in reaching your customers through social media, email marketing, AdWords, blog posts, or whatever else, but don’t quite know what to say —don’t fret. That’s what copywriters are for! Simple can help you to create and curate relevant, search-focused content that’s strategically aligned with your digital marketing goals, and that your target audience is more likely to read, enjoy and share.